Cabling Solution

Are you one of them who had cable management issues in the data centre? Also having trouble tracing cables from pieces of equipment to another? Or do you happened to have unused fibre cables that running under floor or overhead congesting your pathways, even blocking airflow and all in all making a huge mess?

We are here with the proper solution for all of them. Almost of these issues are for utilising point-to-point cabling infrastructure in place of rather well structured, organised, and cabling infrastructure.

When a standard duplex fibre jumpers are been used to directly connect equipment we get a point to point connection. This method almost always leads to difficult managing cabling system. Most of the data centres were built way before there was any standard ways or guidelines compared to today’s modern infrastructure professionals who thankfully have inherited the issues that come with point-to-point cabling.

As about the other one, alleviating the issues above structured cabling is a standards-based approach. Structured cabling systems use different product sets, corresponding to fibre optic trunks, fibre optic enclosures, and to enable static cabling infrastructure in purpose to easily adapt the ever-changing data centre hardware migrations landscape.

Of course, a fine-tuned designed structured cabling system increases uptime, optimises scalability, and maximises return on investment not just that it decreases technology footprint and minimises operating expenses. An experienced partner like IntrigueIT next to you can help through all of these issues. We are here waiting to help you design a perfect cabling structure solution as for your business needs.